Nothing of Note

I'll be back with a more substantial post later, but here are a few pictures from our week. Happy Friday!
Miss Eliza has found her feet and can't get enough of them. She even sucks on her toes- cracks me up because there is obviously no doubt that she's getting enough to eat.
By the time I got back from our weekly Target run, Eliza was ready to get out of the car. Thankfully, Wills was more than happy to entertain her while I unloaded the groceries (but only in exchange for a new box of sidewalk chalk).
Not quite ready for me to take a picture of his drawing....
Sometimes when I feel like there is too much chaos in our house, I think of the one thing I could get rid of to simplify my life... actually, two things.

Clearly, we had Sawyer and Huck before Virginia was born and it was just too hard to give them away. Huck has cost us in the five digits because of all his ailments. Three surgeries for eating things he wasn't supposed to (including a baby blanket and his bed), three weeks of hospitalization and iv antibiotics for a brown recluse bite, a hole in his femur that the vet said was caused by a thorn that imploded (I'm not kidding) and last, but certainly not least, the time he grew a second tail. (Again, I am serious- it was pre-digital camera, but I will try to scan in a picture.) We continue to take very good care of old Huck because we have too much money invested in him to let him die. But the main reason we could never give them away is that Virginia loves them. Nothing makes her laugh as hard as her crazy dogs. Besides, even Huck is cheaper than a horse! We spent the afternoon today riding him around the yard.