Look who can sit up in her bed. I found her like this after her nap. Definitely time to transition to the crib.... (one bassinet coming your way, Kitty)

I have lots on my 'to do' list, but am trying to ignore it this week so I can prepare my heart for Good Friday and Easter. We have been talking a lot about Holy Week, so when Wills told me he and Eliza were playing the 'holy' game, I couldn't wait to hear. Maybe more is sinking in than I realize? "What's the holy game, buddy?" I asked. "It's where I stick my arm or head through all the holes in your sheets and surprise Eliza." Oh- so he meant the 'holey' game. Do you think the Easter bunny ever brings new sheets?

Virginia hated tummy time for years. I hated it, too. When I finally realized after years that it wasn't helping, I quit making her do it. But she has no sympathy whatsoever for Eliza-

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!