A Blessing

Tonight is the hardest night for Findley and me. We want to go back seven years and relive those four critical hours. Every year on October 2, the tears are very close to the surface. We long to be able to tell a different story of Virginia's birth, one in which doctors and nurses did their job and our baby wasn't dealt the most devastating of injuries. It is silly to me that calendars affect us like they do, but there is no getting around that fact. This time seven years ago, she was healthy, flipping around in my tummy, I have thought numerous times today. But it does her no good for me to look back.

So this weekend we chose to celebrate in a big way.

Virginia had all the girls in first grade over on Friday to watch Eloise in the backyard on a big movie screen. She had a great time! And she loved her birthday gift... it is possible that Findley and I had a momentary lapse of judgment, but there isn't much we wouldn't do to see her smile. Scroll down for a glimpse of our insanity!

Tonight there were many things I wanted to share about Virginia, but the emotions are too raw around the beginning of October. There are too many demons lurking in the past. One day I will get to it, but tonight I am going to let you enjoy these pictures of the birthday girl. There are no words for what a blessing she is anyway!



I told you it was big




Aunt Emily and Uncle John came from Knoxville for the big party.

Can you guess what V got for her birthday??



I do not jump this high when I have her!