A little news...

So, our big news is that we are moving to Memphis! If you had asked either one of us a year ago (or even six months ago), we would have said that we were in Moutain Brook to stay. Seriously, who would be crazy enough to leave this place?

Well, this year has been different. As Dr. Mary (our beloved pediatrician and neighbor) told me a few weeks ago, Virginia used to need a little extra pampering and now she needs almost full-time medical care. She has grown more fragile in the last twelve months.

I will save the details of what Virginia has been going through for a later post, but basically one day in January, Findley looked at me and said, "What are we doing here? We need family."

And he's right. We do.

We decided that being in Memphis was the most important thing and whatever else had to change for that to work would have to change. Thankfully, Findley is going to open an office for his company in Memphis. A challenge for sure, but one that he is eagerly anticipating. He is also going to be getting his MBA at Vandy every other weekend. Another big change, but again, an exciting one.

It obviously means all new doctors and therapists, new schools, new house, etc, but we really aren't worried about those things because we will have all of these:

(These two can't contain their joy that we are moving home...ha!)

Ultimately, you cannot put a price tag on raising your children in the midst of huge extended family. And trust me, Findley and I need all the extra hands (and free meals) we can get!

We hope to move mid-June. Lots of details to follow...