We had a wonderful Christmas at my parents' house. There are so many mysteries in this life, not the least of which is the tremendous love of a big family. It is magical. Christmas Eve

Santa brought Wills a 'mobile.' Christmas came early for Uncle John. Santa brought him Aunt Emily last July. Thanks for spending your first Christmas with us, Em!

Findley and I gave the kids Findley's childhood train set. It was a huge hit with both the kids and the adults!

Very excited about Virginia's 'Ramona Quimby' on cd

Santa brought Sissy a swing...

which occasionally she shared.

Mrs. Claus is so funny. She gave her new daughter-in-law an awesome 8 by 10 of Santa and herself. Wow. How will she ever outdo herself next year?

An impromptu concert in the train room

2 Virginias

We played some serious ping pong

Ping pong break

A meeting of the train brains

Loving the train



Breakfast helper


Trivia game- they are cheating!

Loved his legos (but not as much as his Geegee!)

Tried to keep her awake until we left today, but she couldn't quite make it.