I Am a Bad Bridesmaid

IMG_5950_2Two weeks ago yesterday, one of my best friends from college got married in Dallas, TX. Findley and I were very much looking forward to celebrating with Taylor and reconnecting with college friends we literally haven't seen in years. (Not to mention a long weekend reprieve from the kids.) We even splurged and booked a great hotel for the weekend. It was not to be. Nana was in a critical spot and I just couldn't make it. Findley and I took advantage of our pre-planned babysitters and went to be with Nana instead. Now, if you are from East Tennessee, don't be offended. It is beautiful. The mountains are absolutely gorgeous. But it is very different from Dallas.

I really had a heavy heart about missing Taylor's wedding. I have missed a lot of my friends' lives over the past six years and I was looking forward to being there for someone I love on her special day. On Saturday, after a long day at the hospital, Findley and I decided to get a quick bite to eat. We ended up with a pizza at Mellow Mushroom. All we wanted was a little quiet, a chance to talk, and some food.

Not five minutes after we got there, a group of fourteen year olds starting setting up their band equipment. You have got to be kidding me, I thought. But it wasn't a joke. The music was so loud we didn't even try to talk anymore, but I will say there was plenty of people watching to be done. When the band started in on a song with a refrain of seek and destroy! seek and destroy! seek and destroy! shouted over and over, we just had to start laughing. I highly doubt this was the music Taylor was dancing to at her wedding.

And speaking of weddings, there was a wedding reception. At Mellow Mushroom. The manager introduced the bride and groom and thanked them for celebrating their special day at Johnson City's favorite pizzeria. I tried to go to the rest room at one point and it resembled the gym locker room at my eight grade dance- hairbrushes, make-up bags, and many teenage girls (either a part of the wedding party or groupies of the band or both) primping in front of the mirror.

To be honest, the whole episode provided some major comic relief on what had been a hard day. The Mellow Mushroom is no Brookhollow Golf Club, I'll tell you that, but at least we got to take part in celebrating a wedding- it was just the wrong one! I have also had to miss two other weddings I was supposed to be in over the years because of health issues with Virginia. I just don't seem to have the best track record for making it down the aisle, but at least I won't try to steal the groom.

But yesterday was different. I got to take part in a very special wedding. My little brother, John, married his college sweetheart, Emily, in Asheville, North Carolina. Praise the Lord we were all healthy (at least until after the wedding, but that's another story) and able to fully celebrate in their special say. It was a beautiful wedding and such a gift to see two people very much in love start out on their journey together. Emily, welcome to the family. You are blessed to have John and we are blessed to have you. We love you both so much!

I apologize up front for all the pictures- they are mainly for family. And, yes, this blog is supposed to be an outlet for my writing, not rudimentary photography skills.

We stopped to see my sister in Knoxville on the way to the wedding. Breaking up long drives is key for us!

When we got to Ginny's apartment, we realized we were wearing the same outfit.

Then we stopped to see Nana in Johnson City. She is doing SO much better!

These two were already tired before we even made it to North Carolina!

The groom and best man. John always stands on his tip toes to appear taller than Dad in pictures. But he's not...

Proud Papa

Two of my four favorite guys

My cousin Sam, the best helper anyone could ask for. Notice her Illinois t-shirt. But don't get discouraged, Vandy girls. She had on a Vanderbilt shirt two days and I only saw this one once. Thanks for all your help, Sam! We love you!

On the way to rehearsal.

Sorry, Father Jude, but I think Virginia had the right idea about the rehearsal!

Rehearsal Dinner

John and Emily

Ok, I almost missed another wedding. We were supposed to be at the church at 1:45 for a 2:00 wedding. The other attendants were arriving on a trolley with the bride, but I had gone back to the hotel to help get the kids ready. The church was a 2 minute walk from the hotel and we were in the lobby at about seven minutes until 2. Cutting it close, but that is just what happens with me and deadlines. We would have been fine, but it had started to rain. Findley sprinted for the car and we made it with 2 minutes to spare. I took this picture in the lobby right when we realized it was rainy. Sissy is clearly ok with my last minute arrivals. Wills, not so much.

The world's most beautiful flower girl and most handsome ring bearer. They stayed up at the altar for the entire wedding and we perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Mr. and Mrs. John Charles Taylor, jr.


Wills and his bird's nest

This is one of Dad's best friends meeting him after the ceremony with a celebratory beverage, previously hidden in the flowers outside the church. This is a tradition that dates back to my wedding. Don't ask.

Auntie Em



Show stealer

Dancing Queen

Watching the dance floor from the sidelines. Eliza really wanted someone to dance with her!

Dance partners



Celebrating the departure of the newly weds (and a wonderful day!)

Why did I think a late night photo op was a good idea?

Headed back to the hotel