Not Too Resolute

Happy 2012 to my readers! I am always appreciative of a new start. Maybe this year I need a clean slate more than ever.

I hesitate to make resolutions for the new year for several reasons. I have a tendency to be geared toward perfectionism. If I deviate from the rule just a little bit, I quit trying. {The cheeseburger consumed on January 2 becomes cause to throw out the healthy eating agenda for the entire year.}

The second reason is that I realize what I need most is a new heart. This isn't something that comes from keeping resolutions or spending long hours at the gym. It is more about receiving than acquiring, letting go than digging in. And sometimes, the more I focus on my agenda, the less likely I am to be energetic about His.

Case in point, this morning I got up at 5 to fulfill one of my resolutions for the year- writing 1,000 words in my book every day. Fifteen minutes later, Virginia woke up, coughing and needing lots of love and assistance. That was the end of the writing for the morning, and I was frustrated.

That frustration almost made me miss the gift of uninterrupted time with Virginia.

It isn't about me. I think I have been working on that resolution since kindergarten, but I still haven't mastered it.

So, here are my resolutions for 2012, but know that my main goal is to be open to every moment with my family and to keep my desire for tangible accomplishments on the back burner. Wish me luck!

1. To beat Virginia out of bed in the morning and write 1,000 words a day

2. I am deactivating my facebook account. (Done)

3. After the kids are in bed, I can read, write, or the occasional, purposeful tv show or movie. No internet.

4. Drink more water than diet coke. (Sad to say, but this will be hard!)

5. Eat more vegetables than chocolate bars.

6. Be diligent about Virginia's PODD communication system.

7. I added this one last night, when trying to cram all my Christmas clothes into my closets. Yes, closets is plural. I am not buying myself one article of clothing this year. Not one. I don't need anything, and that statement is not going to change in the next 365 days. I have no idea if I can do this, but I will let you know how it goes.

Our time away from work and school has been great. Findley drove us to Memphis the morning after having all four of his wisdom teeth pulled. Impressive. We had a great visit with my family. We missed you, Emily and John.

Just call her Mary Poppins. V was excited about her parasol,

Practiced his scooter,

The year of the puffy vest.  Still refusing to be pictured: Eliza.

Muppets soundtrack dance party in the kitchen.

Puppet show,

Muppets soundtrack dance party, garage,

That's my child, diving across the table for Aunt Carol's dip,

Wills' first Vandy football game. We lost after having a lead in the fourth quarter. It was a good introduction to being a Commodore fan. But we had a really good time.