Oh, what a day!

Do you see anything wrong with that picture? It looks like me, but I think someone took my brain out last night while I was asleep!

(and pardon the pose and lack of make-up- just trying to have a little energy and make you laugh at the end of a LONG day)

Our day started at 12:15 am when Virginia woke up with intense coughing. She had a fever of 102, the chills, and starting vomiting because she was coughing so much.

When she wasn't coughing, her breathing sounded pretty good to me, so I wasn't worried, but Findley was. It you know us, this was a total reversal of our typical reaction to a Virginia illness.

"We need to go to the ER," he said, "I think she has pneumonia."

I didn't think this was far-fetched, so we paged the doctor on call. After listening to Virginia breathe over the phone and hearing her cough, she said it was ok to stay home and come in for a chest x-ray in the morning as long as she didn't get worse. By this point, I was worked up because Findley was worked up, but we put her back to bed. She coughed all night.

We already had a different doctor's appointment at 9, so we kept that, but as we were heading home (here comes my first mishap of the day) I hit the curb exiting the parking deck and popped the tire. We have run-flat tires, so I made it home, but knew I would have to find another way to get V to the pediatrician at 11.

Enter Findley.

He put the seat Virginia uses on airplanes in our old Landcruiser (a Findley hobby- if he ever leaves me, it will be for a woman who owns a lot of old Landcruisers), and loaded her wheelchair into the back of the car. But he had to come with us because I can't lift the chair in and out by myself. (Not that he minds coming with us, but he does have this little thing called work)

We spent two hours at the doctor's office. The good news is, no pneumonia. Bad news is, where is all this coughing/mucus/drainage/junk coming from?

So we started Virginia on robinol today in an attempt to dry up her secretions and help the cough.

Pray, pray, pray that it works.

We are at the end of our rope with this cough and it is starting to get scary.

So, we came home, got Virginia situated, started her feeding tube, said hi to Eliza, and then I followed Findley to the tire place.

After a twenty minute explanation, they said we would have to go to the Honda dealership because there is a huge lawsuit about the run-flat tires and no one is allowed to install them but Honda. Huh?

So Findley headed to the Honda dealer, and I headed home to check on Virginia, and then went to pick him up.

The Honda dealership is all the way out 31. I went all the way out 280.

I have no idea why- I don't typically confuse the two highways. I was all the way to Greystone when Findley called and wanted to know where on earth I was.

I had to go all the way down 119 (a first for me) just as Briarwood and Oak Mountain Middle were letting out. When I got to 65, I did go North, but got off an exit too early on Riverchase Parkway. (another first for me- had never even heard of it). I had to turn around, get back on 65, and go all the way to 459, where I again went the wrong way. I headed for home instead of to 31. Had to turn around at Acton Road, finally went the correct way on 459, got to 31, and found Findley at Full Moon BBQ, right next to the Honda Dealer.

It only took me an hour and seventeen minutes to drive the twelve minutes out 31.

I am never driving again. It can't be safe.

Oh, and did I mention my cell phone was dead and the old cruiser obviously doesn't have GPS?

Finally made it home around 4 pm, feeling like a champ of a mother for leaving my sick child for so long. Not to mention someone else got Wills from school and Eliza had probably forgotten who I was.

And then... I hooked up Sissy's feeding tube, left the side medicine valve open accidentally, and her entire feeding pumped right onto the rug. (and the contents of her stomach as well.) You would think I would have noticed the huge puddle of Boost in the middle of the room I was sitting in, but I didn't until all eight ounces had run.

So, now everyone is in bed. The little two are asleep. V is screaming. Going down on the seizure medicine in order to help the cough has meant a few hours of intense crying at bedtime. We can't take it much longer, so if the robinol seems to help, we are going back up on the topamax.

Tomorrow we are going back to Children's because Virginia has granulation tissue forming around her tube site. Essentially her body is growing new skin to try to close the hole, but it has nowhere to go because of the plastic button in the hole. They will cauterize the skin so it won't grow anymore. I would imagine it's painful, and she already feels bad from her cough and fever.

I have laughed more than I have cried today, especially since learning V's lungs sound great. That in and of itself is an accomplishment!

Pray that we can kick this cough!

In other news...cutest pilgrim ever

God Bless!

Someone wasn't enthralled with the Thanksgiving feast at school and tried to escape

She is a mess, I tell you!

And she's still not cooperating in the card endeavor. (For the record, I took this last night, BEFORE Virginia got sick. I am intense, but not that intense)