Any Guesses?

We are very sleep deprived around here. Very. I don't think Virginia has slept past 2 a.m. in six weeks. It sounds funny to me right now as I type it, but it won't seem so funny in about 6 hours when I have to get up with her. I have always needed sleep and lots of it. My mother jokes that I still took naps in high school, but it is true. I cannot function without sleep.

I am too tired to write, too tired to exercise, and too tired to do much of anything except eat candy corn. Please don't give up on my blog... one day soon, I will find the energy to give life to all the ideas that are floating around in my head.

In the meantime, any guesses on what V, W and E are being for Halloween?

Here's your hint.


And just because she is so cute...