Have You Seen This Couple?

Have you ever seen the before and after pics of the presidents? Apparently, the stress of the presidency can really take its toll on your body.
Clinton before and after his 2 terms
George W. Bush before and after his 2 terms
Whenever Findley and I take Virginia to see one of the specialists at Children's Hospital, they always ask us how we are doing. (At first I thought we must look pretty ragged, but then I realized they ask all parents this same question.) They want to know if we are holding up under the stress and taking some time to rejuvenate ourselves. I understand why they ask these questions (I think the divorce rate for parents of kids like Virginia is about 90%), but none of my friends with three typical kids have time to take care of themselves. How could we?
Findley and I are doing great. We really are. But in case anyone needs a laugh, I would like to demonstrate that having three small kids (and one with pretty significant special needs) is just as stressful as running the greatest nation on earth for 8 years. Findley laughs almost once a week because the people in his office have no idea how old he is. He actually told the truth once (31) and no one believed him! I tell him it is just because he exudes so much wisdom!
So.... here we are eight years ago at our rehearsal. (Not the best picture, but our wedding pics aren't digital.)
And here we are after 2 terms in office....
Standing in line at the Dumbo ride is no British Virgin Gorda, but we couldn't be happier. (And for what it's worth, I think we look tired resilient!)