Not Such a Bad Week for Findley and Me

Realizing that I share some of the tough moments on this blog, I think it is only fitting that I share some of the great ones as well. In the middle of last winter, Findley and I decided to plan a trip to the Caribbean in celebration of our upcoming tenth anniversary. I wasn't sure if either one of us would be able to get on the plane and leave the kids for a whole week, but we did.

It was wonderful! I read seven books in seven days, soaked up lots of sun, and remembered what it was like before we had kids. The funny thing is we woke up at six every morning- guess we really are getting old.

We laughed a lot (and cried just a little) reminiscing about the last ten years, but we left energized for whatever the next ten hold.

Here are the pictures. I have never seen so many spectacular sunsets in my life.