Party Girl

It's hard to believe V is eight years old today.

It is safe to say that Findley and I experience a wide range of emotions on October 3. I think everyone who loves Virginia does.

But for Virginia, there was only one emotion: joy.

Thanks to all who helped us celebrate. For once, I will let the pictures do the talking. (or most of it, anyway!)


On Friday night, the second grade girls joined us to watch the first High School Musical on the big screen.

We started the night off with cake.

Someone was very excited about the cake (and no, that is not her beverage)

Can you see her smile in the middle of all the mayhem?

A few brave souls got up to dance...

So obviously Virginia wanted to dance, too

Eliza has her own moves

It was a challenge to live up to Friday night, but the 'birthday weekend' continued Saturday morning with a few early presents from Geegee, who came to help with the party. V's favorite: Nancy Drew books on CD. She is my child, I tell you!

Followed by an old family favorite, the car wash.

Spent the rest of a beautiful afternoon at the botanical gardens

Virginia fielded many calls of birthday love today

It was hard to break away from the phone, but we finally did. I took my princess to see the real royal family.

If you haven't seen the FIVE lion cubs, you should. They are mesmerizing.

Her favorite gift was from Eliza

She had a great day, even though someone stole her new Missoni for Target rain boots.