Playing Catch-Up

Pardon my absence! I think the construction has taken a little more out of me than I anticipated. I have a post I hope to finish tomorrow, but here is what we have been up to these past few weeks. We had a great time at Mom and Dad's the week before Thanksgiving week. I took this on the car ride home...a rare occurrence indeed!


We also had a great time spending Thanksgiving with Findley's family. Here are his parents with 6 out of 7 grandkids. #7 was home taking a nap.


Eliza is still not a great walker, but she is an awesome climber. She climbs into bed with Virginia in the morning. I'm not sure if it's big sister she's after or the laptop playing V's 5 a.m. movie, but it's cute regardless.


More climbing...


And in case no one else has noticed that Eliza looks {and acts} like Wills...


Trying to get to the gingerbread houses...


For those of you who don't know, Findley is a closet Auburn fan. The only time he doesn't pull for them is against Vandy (and even then it's a close call).

On Monday, he started hinting to me that he wanted to have an SEC championship game party. Considering the current state of our house and the fact that I hadn't started decorating for Christmas, this did not sound appealing. So I called up a very special friend of mine who is a huge Alabama fan and also one who plans ahead. Since everyone expected Alabama to be in this game, I thought he just might have some tickets he needed to sell. He didn't, but he said if I could find someone to keep the kids, he would find me two tickets. And he did. On the fifty yard line. And he wouldn't even let me pay for them.

There are lots of people in my life who I wouldn't know if it weren't for Virginia's circumstances. This is one of those people. Someone who has jumped in to help carry my sorrow. It was Findley's first Auburn game in eight years and what a great one to be a part of! {now let's just hope the win holds up, but that's another story entirely!}


As much as it pains me to say it, "War Eagle!" It was fun to be out of the house alone, doing something as simple as going to a football game. And five years ago, I would have been too sad to go. But Saturday was all fun.


Virginia had her first big girl Christmas party this weekend. She was very excited about her gray ballet flats and silvery tutu skirt. She had a great time at the party, too.


Our neighborhood Christmas parade was this weekend and I would post a picture of the kids, but the pictures are miserable because the kids were miserable. It was just too cold! {and it probably didn't help that we were an hour early because I got confused about the time}. By the time Santa rode by, they couldn't feel their fingers and we made a mad dash home.


And finally, we are hoping that Santa is working overtime this year. Wills finished his Christmas list, and it is impressive!


Hope everyone is doing well. Check back tomorrow for a real post!