Since I last posted...

Wills started playing baseball,

We have laughed a lot,

We visited our favorite place,

Wills dressed up for Dr. Seuss day at school,

We I started a very bad habit,

We celebrated a family wedding,

We celebrated Wills' 6th birthday with a rather ambitious (and somewhat dangerous) party,

We started the Easter season with an egg hunt,

And we played a little cork ball, a Taylor family tradition.


Jerry Sittser lost his wife and three of his children when they were hit by a drunk driver. He and I have a few theological differences, but this quote from his book A Grace Disguised has really stayed with me.

"Forgiveness is a lifelong process, for victims of catastrophic wrong may spend a lifetime discovering the many dimensions of their loss. I have no vain notions that I have finally and forever forgiven the one who was responsible for the accident. I may have to forgive many more times...for these (future) events will remind me not only of gracious gifts given but also of precious people taken away. Though forgiveness may have no ending, it has a beginning."

There are times when I feel like Findley and I are doing really well. Most of the time we choose to see what we have rather than what was taken. But as Virginia has gotten older and bigger, she suffers more than she used to. Little things like bathing and dressing take two of us. It is much harder to get her in and out of her wheelchair and find ways to include her in what the rest of the family is doing. Most of the time we are ok, but sometimes it is still hard to comprehend what happened and how devastating her injuries are. Findley and I are fine, but Virginia is not. As a parent, it is almost too much to carry.

I can't imagine what she endures on a daily basis, but if I dwell on it, I am useless to her and the rest of my family. The pain can be paralyzing.

So here we are. Living it up on the good days, staying close to home on the hard days. Praying for mercy for Virginia's body and for the wisdom and creativity to make her life the best it can be.

I have a little more to say, but it will have to wait until Thursday.

God bless you all!