Three Months in Pictures

We are still here and doing well. Virginia had one bad month where a cold turned into the dreaded cough, but after two rounds of steroids and three antibiotics, her lungs sound beautiful again. I still love seeing my family all the time, but I miss my Birmingham friends!

I have done a better job lately of acknowledging that our life isn't going to be perfect. You would think I would have realized that years ago.

Unfortunately, no amount of love, energy, time, money, or creativity can cure Virginia or solve my 'problem' of how to care for her while giving my other two kids a 'normal' childhood. So instead of trying to reinvent the wheel every time the bottom drops out, I am just acknowledging that our situation is hard and it won't be fixed on this side of heaven.

These little picture updates are mainly for me to remember the highlights of the fall- I am about to upload 50+ pics, so if you aren't family, bet I'll see you in a later post! happy 2013 to all~

Our three were Peter Pan, Tiger Lilly & Tinkerbell for Halloween,

 Fun times in Montgomery over Thanksgiving. Picnic at the farm,



One of the best parts of being home is spending Sunday afternoons with Dad,

Camped out right here,

Another great part is frequent cooking sessions Aunt Ginny (not to mention the fact that my wardrobe doubled overnight),

Go Grizz!

Christmas night was magical. This was taken the morning of the 26th,

Watching the snow fall,

Too cold for Sissy, but see her laughing in the window?

David's chocolate cheesecake, obviously,

Since Ginny and David have been engaged, I have learned a lot about wine and eaten a lot of cheesecake. Solid choice, Ginny!;)

Christmas day,

This girl cannot have too many Winnie the Pooh shirts,

Nana and Dad,

Wills got his first tool box. The tools are from Findley, my dad, my uncle Harold, and my granddad. Pretty special.

Pre-Christmas festivities, (told this was WAY long and WAY boring,

Starry Nights,

Winter Lights,

Eliza's first 'performance'

Enchanted Forest which, sorry Memphis, needs some major refurbishing,

Pretty girl,

Eliza interviewed at St. Mary's and they gave her these fairy wings. More of a Hutchison move, if you ask me, but she loved them. (I am only joking, SMS admissions office and all my Hutch grad friends). The funny thing is that she insists I wear them quite frequently b/c they came from 'Mommy's school.'

Vandy bowl game. Wills is becoming quite the Vanderbilt fan. 2 bowls games in a row. Hoping for a warm one next year- it sleeted on us during the game, but we made it to 5:00 to go in the 4th quarter.

Wills' best friend and without a doubt what he misses most about Birmingham,

Spent last weekend with friends,

Celebrated our 11th anniversary,

We welcomed my best friend's third baby on 1/1/13. We love you, baby Hunt,

Virginia goes to bed after the little two. It is one of my favorite times a day and hers, too. Love this series,

Still with me? Love you! Hope to do a better job of writing in 2013, but mainly hope to spend lots of time with all our friends and family!