We Made It!

Today marks one month in Memphis and it has been great to be home. It was hard to leave Birmingham- we almost told the movers to leave when they arrived to start packing us- but the support we have here has been wonderful.

Virginia has been doing really well- almost no cough at all. We met our new pulmonologist on Friday and he gave me his cell phone number on the first visit. He also pulled the head of GI and the head of Neurology from their respective clinics to meet us. It made me feel very comfortable and safe- one of my biggest hesitations leaving Birmingham was losing the doctors who have cared for Virginia for 8 years.

There is a lot of wisdom to the statement "you can never go home", but for me thus far it just hasn't held true. I feel like I never left.

Poplar Avenue should still be five lanes and not seven. Stopping at a red light is still optional. And you might just find a note like this on your car,

(Remember I am coming from a place where I hardly locked the door in ten years.)

But I am home and I love it.

I cried tears of joy filling out Eliza's preschool enrollment form because I got to write 'Continued on back of this page' under the question about who can pick up your child from school. I stopped at ten people because I didn't want to appear excessive.

I don't know where much of anything is in my house because my sweet family (especially Aunt Carol and Sam) unpacked a lot of boxes. It was the best feeling ever and I figure if I really need it, I'll find it eventually.

And last week I got my ailing, arthritic shoulder injected at my dining room table in exchange for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I feel like a new person.

Having family around is a blessing I never expected to have and I find myself wondering how we did it for so long by ourselves. I will have more to say on the 'coming home' topic later this week, but for now, here is a photo summary of our summer.

Findley and I tried to tackle Nana's basement. We were not successful,

Virginia had surgery to expose her front two teeth,

She, as usual, behaved better than I did. (It was our final experience at Children's and our only really bad one!) But her cute little teeth are already coming in,

We spent a lot of time in our Birmingham neighbors' pool,

And because of all these extra hands I have now, I think we have been to the pool almost every day since we arrived in Memphis.

We made a quick trip to the beach in June,


I was an emotional wreck the week we left Birmingham so we had some good friends over for the 4th of July.

It's never good for Findley to have lots of spare time on his hands. Our guests weren't arriving until 4, so he decided to spend the morning building our entertainment for the evening,

He (correctly) assumed the kids would have fun with world's largest slip-n-slide. Also, he (incorrectly) assured me it wouldn't tear up the yard for the new occupants.

At first, it was just for the kids,

But it became very obvious to all of us that Virginia wanted in on the action. At first I said 'no' because I was honestly worried about breaking her leg. But a few margaritas and many pleading smiles later, I was more than willing.

But I wasn't fast out of control enough for her. She needed her daddy,

You can't tell how fast they were going until you see how much water was displaced,

(yes, Virginia is in the picture above)

And how did she feel about the slip-n-slide?

A picture is worth a thousand words. Both of our arms (and our jaws) were aching by the time the night was over.

At some point, my brother started bowling Wills and Coleman,

Then John moved on to just tackling him,

It was a very memorable 4th! I am just glad no one got hurt!

Wills has been spending a lot of time 'helping' my dad with his train layout,

Dad is doing every little detail by hand. Check out the bridge behind them that they were in the process of installing. And check out the scope of this layout,

Wills will be busy for many Saturdays to come!!

We have done some touristy things, like the River Walk at Mud Island,

It is a scale model of the Mississippi River from Minnesota to Louisiana and it is just as cool as I remember it. It takes a while to walk (or race boats) through the whole thing, but it is worth it. I have no idea how they made it.

But mainly we have been sticking close to home, exploring our new neighborhood (which we love), and getting ready for school to start next week.

I am going to try to be more intentional (and professional?) about sharing Virginia's story in the months ahead, so hopefully I will post more frequently.

Thanks for checking in on us!