Where We Are

So we survived two weeks of doctor's appointments. I can't say that we learned a whole lot, but we survived. I about fell apart at the beginning of last week (read: went to Target and almost didn't come back), so Findley gave me a hall pass and I went to Nashville for one night to meet my mom and sister. It was very fun and refreshing. Findley handled the two doctor's appointments I missed.

I am starting to be more and more like Nana. She refused to go to the doctor, even though her daughter was one. She felt that if you weren't too sick, you would get well on your own and that if you were really sick, there was nothing a doctor could do for you anyway. Sounds about right.

We did start Virginia on steroids, a strong antibiotic, and extra breathing treatments two and a half weeks ago. The good news is that while she's on the steroid (about 9 days), she sounds great. I am encouraged because that means we can still get her back to ground zero and have healthy lungs. The problem is that she can't stay on an oral steroid, nor does she need to take it regularly. So the trick is to figure out how to keep her lungs dry and clear to begin with. Proactive rather than reactive.

We might try a GJ-tube. It's a feeding tube that goes into her small intestine and not her stomach, therefore essentially eliminating reflux if that is part of the problem. I also have some patches for her to wear that help dry up secretions. Ever since the last day of the steroid (last Thursday), her cough has come back a little more each day. This morning she woke up at five and coughed to the point of vomiting four times. I really don't know how she does it. Pray for her today because she is exhausted.

I can't believe today is the last day of school. I have been an emotional wreck for a month now. I cry at the drop of a hat. I am sad for Wills to be leaving friends and a school that he loves. I keep thinking, "I wonder if this will be the last time we...go to the zoo, walk on the trail, eat at the creamery, eat at Gilchrist, etc" and it feels sad.

I thought that once you were a grown-up, decisions were clear. Moving was not an easy decision for us, and unfortunately there is no way to make a trial run. So, we can only hope and pray that we have made the right choice (we still feel like we have), and know that they aren't locking the door behind us when we leave!

Virginia will have the overnight pH probe done at the hospital in the next few weeks. (I cancelled it two weeks ago because I wasn't emotionally able to deal with an unhappy Virginia for 24 hours. I have gotten good at knowing my limits.) She also has to be put to sleep so that the oral surgeon can cut an opening in her mouth for her front two teeth to come in. The acute lack of oxygen at birth killed the enamel on Virginia's baby teeth. Even though most newborns don't have teeth when they are born, the teeth are still formed and ready to come in; therefore, they were also damaged. She had surgery when she was four to remove all the bad teeth, but they have been gone so long that her gums have hardened to the point the others won't come in naturally. I'm never fired up about putting her to sleep, but it shouldn't be a big deal.

Other than being inundated with doctor's appointments and phone calls, we are slowing making our moving plans and starting to pack. It will be here before we know it!


Virginia definitely enjoys being an only child again after the little two go to bed at night,

My in-laws neighbors have horses,

Same day, different horses. This time at a birthday party here in town,

Virginia actually loved it, but I didn't get a good picture,

And the point of this picture is to show you that Wills is almost as big as I am,

And he and Eliza are both definitely growing up! I took this at the library,