Keeping Me Honest

Wills has an uncanny ability to know when I am keeping something from Findley and he always lets the cat out of the bag. Findley isn't very observant about my clothes. He is always complimentary, but he usually has no idea if I am wearing an outfit that I have had since 1997 or if I am wearing something new. Wills just cannot understand that I don't always want Findley to know if my clothes are new. He is so polite he just can't stand not to comment. "Daddy, doesn't Mommy look beautiful in her new shirt?" or "Look, Daddy. Mommy's wearing the dress she got in the mail yesterday."

In December of 2008, a woman backed into the side of my car at Wal-Mart with both Virginia and Wills in the car. It didn't do any damage to my car, so I didn't tell Findley. The next night all four of us were driving around looking at Christmas lights and Wills started saying, "right there right there right there" while pointing at the door where her car hit mine. I wasn't totally sure where he was going with this, but then Virginia started laughing hysterically. I looked back at her and she gave me a knowing glance that said, "He's about to tell on you." I hoped that Findley wouldn't be able to understand what Wills was saying because he was only 2, but the next thing out of his mouth was, "Right there is where that lady hit our car at Wal-Mart." Clear as day. I still haven't lived it down.

Those of you who are local will understand this. For the rest of you, sorry, but it's so funny I have to tell it. There is a rather large building project proposed for our neighborhood. It has been the subject of much heated debate at our house. Findley is in favor of the project for obvious work-related reasons. I, however, am not. He has requested that I stay off the front lines of the fight against the project and wear a disguise at city council meetings. Check.

On Friday I took Wills and Eliza to eat lunch at Gilchrist. Wills had a great time- he even got to sit at the counter, his favorite place. As we were walking home, we went into this little shop because I heard there was a new petition to sign against the project. It took less than a minute. When we got home, we realized Eliza had dropped the chew ring she had been holding in her stroller. It could have been anywhere along the route home or she could have dropped it at Gilchrist. But what does Wills announce to Findley, who had come home to grab lunch?

"I bet Eliza dropped her ring in the Charlotte store. You know- where Mommy went to say no to the big buildings they want to put in our village."

I guess I better be on my best behavior!

We had another relaxing weekend. Eliza and I walked to the grocery...
The ice cream man is becoming a Sunday afternoon ritual.
He has Fudge bar down to his socks
Still loving her swing set.