A Few Prayer Requests

Virginia has had a significant cough for the last few months. We've seen all the specialists. Last Thursday, we saw the pulmonary doctor. He thought she was aspirating, and he was right. We confirmed it in a barium swallow test on Monday. Looks like we are going to get a feeding tube. We have definitely thought about a tube before for nutritional reasons, but thinking that her swallow isn't safe changes the landscape a little bit.

On Monday Virginia is going to be put to sleep for a CT of her lungs and a bronchoscopy. The CT is to see if there is damage to her lungs from years of aspirating. What her lungs look like will determine how aggressive we are with the feeding tube once we get it and whether or not we start daily lung therapy and breathing treatments.

It has been a scary week.

So, please pray for Virginia's peace and safety on Monday. Pray that her lungs look great. And pray that the feeding tube will be a blessing in disguise, which I think is entirely possible.

Thank you!