Busy Week

Hi, friends!

We have been a little busy lately! We spent Monday and Tuesday in Memphis. We closed on our new house, met with a builder who is going to do a few small things to make the house Virginia-friendly (and Abby-friendly, too!), and took Wills to visit two schools.

We are not going to send Virginia to school in Memphis. I am looking for someone with a masters in early childhood/special ed to come to the house for a few hours a day. There are a thousand reasons that we are veering away from traditional school, and I will share them with you soon. I think it would be interesting for all my special needs parent readers.

I woke up on Thursday with renewed energy to tackle Virginia's cough. I go through cycles of acceptance, especially when she is doing ok, but this week I have declared war on it. So...we see the allergist tomorrow morning, the pediatric rehabilitation doctor on Tuesday (this isn't exactly up his alley, but he sees more CP kids than anyone else), Wednesday at noon we check into the hospital for 24 hours and they insert a probe to monitor reflux, then Thursday at 2 we see the pulmonologist. Next Monday we see the oral surgeon because I want him to look at the ulcer under tongue again and because I read that sometimes they can remove part of the salivary glands to help with secretions.

Please pray for Virginia and for all of our appointments. Pray for whatever nurse gets us during our overnight stay- I am a nightmare in the hospital.

I am not stupid. I realize that obviously Virginia is not as good at protecting her airway as we once thought she was, hence the aspirating and the subsequent coughing. But there are more factors involved. She has so much drool right now- it would be accurate to say that she is literally frothing at the mouth all day. What is that? Where is it coming from?

Pray for some answers and for strong lungs!