A nugget in each hand makes for one happy girl! So here I am at Starbucks. Alone. Wills went to Montgomery for the day to have fun with Findley's parents, Mary has charge of Eliza, and Amy is playing with Virginia.

I came here, alone (did I say that already?), to write. Because I am trying to put together a book. Can't believe I just put that out there, but maybe one of you will hold me to it. I have received some unexpected encouragement lately from several different (knowledgeable) sources. It has motivated me to give this my all. Where it leads is anyone's guess.

But I am lonely, here, in this busy place.

Missing my kids. Feeling sort of sad because we aren't all together. Wondering if Amy has been successful prying Virginia away from Beauty and the Beast.

Is Eliza crying? Wondering where her Willsy is, and now her mommy, too?

Here is this block of time. For me. To write. And my heart is fighting this elusive battle. Wondering how I could ever manage to do anything in this season of my life besides take care of my kids.

Because today I have been given the time and it looks like I can't even use it!

Hope everyone is having a happy (and much more productive than mine) Monday morning!