Going Private

I am sad to do this, but I am going to make my blog private. When I started it, I had some concerns about strangers looking at pictures of my kids, but have been careful not to post anything I wouldn't want in public. I have had a few people 'recognize' us because of the blog, but always nice people and usually a friend of a friend. I have loved making new friends with it, even though some of them are just blog friends. I still feel like one of the most redemptive aspects of Virginia's injury is the effect she has on other people. She teaches us to celebrate every moment and reminds us what true joy is. You can't have her in your life and see her smile on a regular basis and not be reminded of what is important.

I may start a new blog- more words, occasional generic picture, but in the meantime, absgab will remain unchanged, I just need your email address if you want to read it.

Please email me and I will add you to the list of accepted readers. Please don't feel weird if I don't know you. I read lots of blogs written by individuals I don't know. I know from StatPress that lots of people read this- I don't want to lose you, I just need to know your email so I don't have strangers looking at pictures of my kids!

This all comes from a nasty comment someone made about one of my kids. If someone so disturbed is reading this, then I don't have a choice.

I'll give everyone a few weeks to email me, and then I'll make the big jump.