Happy Valentine's Day!

IMG_9623 We are back from Disney World. We had a great time! I have lots to tell and a ton of pictures to share, but most will have to wait for another day. I am exhausted. (It is worth noting, however, that Virginia slept all night, every night in Disney World. We might have to move there.)

I never thought we would be a Disney family- I always thought it was kind of an uncultured place. But this was our fourth trip because Virginia (and now Wills and Eliza, too) loves it. Therefore, we love it! One day I will tell you all the reasons we love it, but tonight I will let a few of the pictures speak for themselves.

Virginia knew we were going, but her surprise was that she got to open the Magic Kingdom on Friday. She got to do this once before and it is so special to be in the park before it opens and welcome all the other guests for the day. I had tried in vain to work it out in advance. Apparently they like to choose the family from the crowd the morning of.

On Wednesday as we were arriving, we ran into a woman named Delores who was in charge of our park opening experience in 2008. She obviously remembered Virginia (and maybe the Rendezvous BBQ we sent her, too) and asked what we were doing on Friday morning. She said if we could be there by 7, the gig was ours. It was a providential meeting. It was the first day Delores had worked in over a month because of her diabetes and obviously meant to be.

I don't have the opening pictures yet, but here are a few others.

Happy Valentine's Day!
















Splash Mountain, which she rode four times