Sorry it has taken me so long to update post doctor's visit. Virginia's scoliosis has progressed (about 7 degrees) but it is very hard to get an accurate read on her. We do not need to do anything about it at this time. The hope is that it will not progress past this point. Doubtful, but definitely something to pray for.

The doctor is a friend of my dad's and he definitely appreciated how fragile Virginia is. He said he would almost never do a spinal fusion on someone with her level of involvement. Findley and I appreciate that wisdom and agree. We have elected to do several procedures over the years, all obviously meant to help her. Not one thing has helped and one small procedure actually almost killed her. What we learned from that nightmare is that Virginia is doing a good job of using what she has. Her systems are very tightly titrated and we should just leave her alone. I can just pray that she never needs the spinal fusion.

We had a follow-up with the cardiologist today. There are a few things we are concerned about. Again, we are electing to do nothing at this point. As Findley says, there are some small lights in the distance, let's just hope they are not a freight train.

I know that all parents hate to see their babies age, but as my baby ages, she gets sicker. It is hard to watch. It is a reminder to take each day as it comes, something I have never been good at doing. After FOUR hours at the cardiologist (who said some things I wasn't expecting) I wanted to come home, get in bed and pull the covers over my head. But I couldn't. It was time to get Wills from school, it was a pretty day and Virginia had been inside at the doctor's all day. So I put one foot in front of the other and made it through. Today is all we are promised, so we better enjoy it.

Thanks for caring about us and praying for Virginia.

Halloween. V was a Christmas tree,

Wills was the Grizz,

And Findley shared my attitude toward Halloween,

Eliza loves St. Mary's. I can't tell you how happy that makes me!

We added a screen porch off our kitchen/mud room. The hope was we could get Virginia away from the tv a little bit more. I was skeptical, but it has worked. We have had a fire every night for a month and she will sit out there from 5-8, no fussing, and no tv. Thank you, Lord!! Findley built a swinging bed for her (her second one, in case you are keeping count) and it turned out that the hard part was getting it hung. I think they averaged an hour (and a beer) per hook, but I swear I'm not complaining.


The grown-ups like the fire, too,

All three of my monkeys on a walk around the lake,