Holding Pattern


It has been a good few months for our family. Virginia has been healthy from a pulmonary perspective and it certainly makes life easier.

Before I embark on this little update, please note that when you do a three month catch-up post, life can seem pretty exciting. Don't be fooled...most days around here are pretty mundane!

Findley and I took a little vacation in February to do some bonefishing. Yes, I like to fly fish now, especially at tropical destinations during the coldest winter Memphis has ever seen.

Essentially I sat on the front of the boat and read while we were poled around the flats chasing the elusive (& translucent) fish. We went with old friends and it was a much needed break. And Findley is thrilled that I have a new hobby. This next pic cracks me up. We call him the 'cuda killer.

As soon as we returned, it was time to go to Scottish Rite Hospital in Atlanta to order a new wheelchair for Virginia. (which they said we would have in 2-3 weeks, and that was 2 1/2 months ago). We took all the kids and spent one morning at the aquarium. The whole thing is impressive, but if you go, the dolphin show is incredible.

March included a low key spring break, but we did lots of fun things around Memphis. Wills has wanted to try ice skating ever since the Olympics, so Ginny and I took him to the rink. It was highly entertaining on all fronts, but he did not give up and I was very proud!

John and Emily's baby boy arrived mid-March and everyone in my house (including me) is a little bit obsessed with him. Actually our whole family is...having a baby around again has been so special.

Wills turned 8 in April, which is just unbelievable to me. We celebrated at Dino's, an old family favorite. Being there makes us very aware of Poppy's absence, but I know he would be so happy that his bunch was eating toasted ravioli together.


Findley started a new job last week. He took two weeks off in between, one of which we spent at the beach. I am never going in the height of summer again. The weather was beautiful and we didn't have to wait at a single restaurant. We skipped the beach last summer, so Eliza was only 2 years old the last time we were there and didn't remember. She essentially ran in circles squealing the first day and a half. She loved it!

Virginia loves it, too, but that is old news!

Findley did a little fly fishing in the ocean. He can't get enough of it. He took a ladder out in the ocean so he could get a better cast, but the ladder wasn't visible to people on the shore. People kept stopping and staring because he looked about 10 feet tall.

The Grizzlies season ended in game 7 against the Thunder. This sounds ridiculous, but I was a little depressed the following day. However getting booted in round 1 of the playoffs is certainly easier on the pocket book and the sleep schedule. It was a great season!

And while weren't lucky enough to party with the real royals while they were in town, these two were sitting behind us at game 6...

I really never thought I would like the NBA, but I do. For me, it is more about Memphis pride than it is about basketball.

Memphis pride or Jon Leuer...just kidding...

My mom had a milestone birthday yesterday. We had dinner here so that baby Charles and my kids could be included. It was a ton of fun. I haven't uploaded the pictures yet, but I did take this one on my phone. Pretty proud of my table.

Eliza loves flowers. My neighbor offered her a doughnut the other day and she ran over there. Turns out Eliza thought she had said "daisy" and was utterly disappointed. Here she is on Saturday at the Farmer's Market buying the flowers for Mom's party.

The saying in our house is "If Virginia ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."

 We are very grateful for a smooth couple of months!

I actually do have a few other things to say. My plan is to write another post tonight. We shall see!