I grew up in Midtown (not a surprise to any of you who know me), and until I started attending St. Mary's in 6th grade, it was a rare occasion when our family ventured east of Highland. I was crushed when we couldn't find a handicap accessible house in Midtown two years ago, but I do love our neighborhood and it is still west of Highland.

One thing I have discovered upon returning home is that lots of people who grew up in East Memphis have ventured into Midtown. I no longer have to get a map out to explain where my parents live. Most of my high school friends couldn't have found the Rendezvous alley or the Shell without extensive directions, and that is certainly not the case with today's young Memphians.

I try to do my part and make sure my kids know what a great town this is! (never too soon to start priming them to come back home one day, right?)

A few of our Memphis summer outings. Trolley,

Main Street fountains

Mud Island

The Shell,


Red Birds,

Riverboat Landing Park,

I realize I have abandoned actually writing anything of note in my blog. I am not sure why that is, but I didn't start this blog just to keep everyone updated on our family's activities. I have had intentions of revamping it for over two years now and am going to give it another go here soon. Hope everyone is having a great summer.