Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone is enjoying the third day of Christmas. Unfortunately, all the greenery in our house is dead and I am about to take the ornaments off the tree. But in my heart, I realize the season is just beginning! Ha!

Findley is getting his wisdom teeth pulled this afternoon, somewhat unexpectedly. For whom do you feel more sorry? Let's just say I had my wisdom teeth pulled two years ago and the same day was at the pool with Findley and the kids, sans pain killers. Game on, honey!

Our family has had a great week. Virginia's cough is so much better. It took her a while to perk back up after coming off some of her medicines, but she was back to normal yesterday.

I can't even describe what a burden has been lifted. I didn't think the cough was ever going to go away. Every morning, I just sit there and listen. And can't believe that she's not coughing. I am grateful for unexpected grace and mercy this Christmas, and to be totally honest, don't know what to do with all this free time!

It has been a long eight months of the cough, but I realized that I used to take Virginia's health for granted. I know she has CP, but until last April, she was a healthy little girl in a wheelchair. Being sick is totally different. So, the next time I complain about her CP, remind me about the cough, ok?

I have a few other posts written that I want to share later this week, but for now, here's our family celebrating Christmas.

We had a big day on the 23rd. Meagan, one of our all time favorite people, got engaged in our backyard. One of the biggest blessings of Virginia's circumstances is all the special people in our lives who wouldn't be here otherwise. Meagan loves our kids so much that she told Jason years ago she wanted them to be there when they got engaged. We don't even love our kids that much! It was very exciting for all of us-

Delivering a few gifts Christmas Eve,

Patiently waiting on dinner Christmas Eve,

With special guests, too,

Where is Eliza, in this post-church attempt at a family pic?

Refusing to take part. And still waiting on her dinner.

Christmas morning,

Lifesavers and a big yellow ball. Eliza was one happy camper.

Bring back memories, anyone?

In response to some J. Crew moccasins. They are pretty awesome.

Watching Wills play basketball. He beat Findley and me twice in PIG on Saturday, fair and square.

But then Virginia got in on the action.

Look at that smile. Do you think she sank her shot?