Nine Years Ago Today...

IMG_8686 Findley and I got married. (And Daddo had a very expensive day.)

In some ways, Findley and I can't believe we've been married nine years. It sort of sounds like a long time, especially since it feels like I just graduated from college last year. But in other ways, we feel like our wedding was a hundred years ago and the events that separate us from it create a huge chasm.

Sometimes when we go to weddings, we are acutely aware of how innocent we were on that day in our lives. How oblivious to all the storms that lay ahead.

But I will tell you this. We love each other much more than the day we got married and that is a testament to God's goodness and the sacrifices Findley has made for me and Virginia over the last seven years. Small amounts of stress can wreak havoc on a marriage, and we are permanently living in a pressure cooker. The fact that Findley is still my favorite person (and I am is) is nothing short of a miracle. So, thank you, Lord!

We were laughing last night at all the things we would do differently. We would have traveled more in the two years before Virginia was born. I wouldn't have started cooking him a hot lunch every day because now he expects it. (But if that's what it takes to see him at noon, I'll keep doing it.) He would have tried harder in the early years of our marriage to teach me how to work in the yard, hunt, and be an Auburn Tiger. (Good luck on those, honey).

But, really, we wouldn't change a thing. We have clung to each other and put our marriage and our children first because that is what it has taken for us to survive.

The last nine years have been an adventure. We have laughed a lot and we have shed a lot of tears. I would be lying if I didn't say that we hope the next nine be will a little easier. But even if they aren't, we'll be ok because we have each other.

(I know. I know. I HATE it when people post cheesy things on their blogs or on facebook and I have just done it. But that is what is on my mind today, so there you go.)

And thanks to all these special people (and many, many more) who have stood by us. We love you!