Not Good

Excuse this post. It is very raw.Virginia is throwing up everything we give her, both through the tube and by mouth. 12 percent of people who get a tube develop terrible reflux. The problem with reflux is that you aspirate it. So we have moved from one aspiration risk to another, except now we can't eat and are in a lot of pain. When am I going to learn the best thing for V is if we leave her alone? Findley thinks it is too early to tell if this is going to bad or not. He hopes that in 48 hours, she is eating again and using the tube without throwing up. I am not as hopeful, but that's all we can do- hope. If it doesn't get better, in 6-8 weeks they take it back out. Unfortunately the anatomy of her stomach has been permanently altered. So there is no guarantee that taking the tube out fixes the problem. So, hoping the pain goes away and that she can keep pedialite down. And for me. I am about to lose it for good. I am in a very dark place. How's that for honest?