Three Funny Eliza Stories & A Party

The ballerina with her post-performance glow,

Eliza had a ballet "recital" last Monday. It lasted 15 minutes and the audience just stood around the walls of the classroom. I was at Kroger right before the performance and bought her a few pink flowers just in case other mothers did the same. I hid them under my coat because I didn't want to be that annoying mom who raises the bar for everyone in case no one else brought flowers.

No one else brought flowers so I had to keep them hidden the entire time. People probably thought I had a flask or something.

The recital was the funniest thing I have ever seen. Mom and I were trying to hide behind Dad and Findley because we could not keep a straight face. I would post a video, but I haven't asked the other parents for permission.

After it was over, I told Eliza that I had a surprise for her in the car. After she was all buckled up, I gave her the pink flowers.

"Wow," she said. "I really do like pink flowers. But I was hoping for a chocolate surprise. Can we get one of those instead?"


I think I mentioned previously that Ginny got married this summer. It was a very small wedding, so my parents threw a party for her last weekend. Ginny and I went to get our make-up done before the party. This is only the second time I have ever had my make-up done. The first was my own wedding, and it doesn't really count because I scared the lady so much telling her I wanted a natural look that she almost didn't put any make-up on me at all. My mom's best friend came to give me a hug one minute before I walked down the aisle and shrieked, "You look so pale! I thought someone was doing your make-up!" and she ran to get her own purse and fixed me up on the spot.

Anyway, my point is that my kids aren't used to seeing me in make-up.

I walked in the back door on Saturday and Findley said, "Hey, Cleopatra."

That was the first clue.

But as I was leaning over to get Eliza out of the bath tub, she said, "What is wrong with your eyes?"

I told her a lady had put make-up on me for Aunt Ginny's party.

"So you are telling me you did that on purpose?" she asked. "I wouldn't have let anyone do that to me!"


We were at the aforementioned make-up place for over two hours. They also have awesome shoes. For the first hour I walked around the store and exhibited much self-control. But one can only look at Jimmy Choo's for so long without partaking.

I justified my purchase by telling myself I deserved one pair of nice dressy shoes. Surely they are more comfortable than my current Rack Room ones? Not sure how I thought sparkle wedges were classics, but they were amazing. I had barely signed the slip before the guilt set in. I almost returned them before we left the store, but waited until Monday because I didn't want to appear totally crazy.

Eliza was with me when we went in to return the shoes and she spotted a pink patent leather flat. The first thing she wanted to know was why there was only one shoe. I explained how shoe stores work. She thought all shoes came from Zappos.

"You like those pink shoes, don't you?" I teased her.

"Yes. But really I like everything in here!"

Look out, Findley! I think someone takes after her Aunt Ginny...


The party was really fun, but most importantly it was an opportunity to celebrate a marriage and surround the bride and groom with love and support.

Welcome to the fam, David!

Findley may never forgive Ginny for having a party that started during the last ten minutes of the greatest Iron Bowl in history. I don't think that previous sentence is too strong. He took a LONG time parking the car and then hid at the back of the room with his iPhone.

 Can you see the smile of victory? I had one happy date for the rest of the evening.

The fam,

(Emily and John are expecting, by the way. Anybody have an old crib I can set up just in case they ever need me to keep the baby for them?)

And the lady of the evening, post party. Love you, Lulu.

And whoever said the new iPhone takes great pics was lying. It does not. I've got to quit being lazy and get my camera back out.

Totally random, but someone asked me if we still had the dogs. Yes, of course we do. And the older they get, the more they get away with. They have a great life!