I think life is supposed to be exciting and dynamic. It usually isn't.

Life is often the same challenges over and over again. I am not good at managing my own little 'Groundhog Day', and that's putting it kindly.

But Virginia handles her life {which is objectively more painful, frustrating, and slow-paced than mine} with grace for me when my attitude is sour and my energy level is low.

All we can do in life is find joy in the hand we are dealt, and Virginia does it better than most.


We had a tiny taste of spring on Wednesday morning,

It was Wacky Wednesday at Eliza's school, an appropriate name for any day that brings Memphis 6" snow in March!

We woke up to this on Thursday morning,

As most of you know, Virginia hates the cold. She actually usually throws up when she breathes in cold air. But we took her out in it yesterday and she loved it,

Findley hooked the sled up behind the four wheeler. The faster we went, the harder she laughed. (but don't worry, Dad....we didn't go too fast!)

Now we are officially ready for spring, but I have a feeling we will get one more snow before March is over. It just seems like that kind of winter.