Quick Story

Wills and Virginia don't see each other at school very often. Today when I picked up Wills, he told me that he saw Sissy.

"I got to sit next to Sissy at the assembly in the gym," he told me excitedly. "She didn't talk that much- I was proud of her."

I laughed- Sissy isn't very good at being quiet when she is supposed to be. (like in church)

"But then, I heard two boys making fun of her from all the way down the aisle. It made me sad, and I didn't want Sissy to hear, so I started whispering in her ear to cover it up"

Wow. I was so proud of Wills, and so devastated for Virginia, all in one moment.

I didn't know what to say to him.

"You did the right thing, buddy. And it is sad when people say mean things."

Later, I could tell he was still thinking about the assembly.

"Do you want to talk about it some more?" I asked.

"No," he said. "But when I am as tall as Daddy, I am going to squash those mean boys like bugs."

Look out, mean boys of the world. I think Wills is going to be one tall guy!


Wills and Eliza have both been extra sensitive to Virginia since she got her tube. Eliza gives her a rice krispy treat every morning and says, "Sissy feel better." Yes, Eliza eats rice krispy treats for breakfast (only sometimes!)

The tube is ok. There are still lots of things to figure out. We have only gone down on the seizure medicine 15 mg (the goal is to go down 30-60 mg), and her cough is definitely better. However, she isn't sleeping, so I am trying to figure out what to do. It makes sense though- the medicine makes her so zoned out at night that she doesn't swallow, thus all this junk builds up and leads to the cough. She didn't seemed zoned out to me at the higher dose during the day, but she must have been if she was only swallowing twice in an hour.

Thanks for your continued prayers as we continue to struggle through the tube.


Yes, I have tried (once) to get our Christmas card picture. Every year the company that prints ours has a 40% sale for one day only and it's coming up soon. I am never ready, but this year, I am going to try! Eliza, my strong-willed child, refuses to get in the picture. I can make her, but she screams, so what's the point? So it may just be these two this year.

Rain, rain, go away

Have I mentioned that this one is tough stuff? And funny, too.

Findley and I got to go to the Children's Hospital 100 year Gala on Saturday night. Wills got in on our picture. Please notice what he is holding. He was in the process of making his own tuxedo out of a paper bag when we left.

Now I am going backwards, but here are a few Halloween shots.

Virginia and friends...

Wills and friends...

Wills and Virginia...

Virginia was Daphne from Scooby Doo, but the wig wouldn't stay on and it was so cold, she needed a sweater over her dress. Oh, well, she looked cute regardless.

Eliza (stubborn) wouldn't wear her costume, but she did eat her candy.

We went to Disney on Ice the weekend before last. It was great.

I wasn't trying to make light of what happened in the assembly today with my story, but one day it will probably be okay with me if Wills defends Virginia with a punch or two. I cannot hide Virginia away, nor would I want to. We are called to be a part of the world. And just look at the Halloween picture with her friends- she gets a lot of love. But I do try to protect her from as much as I can, and obviously Wills is picking up on my techniques. God bless that boy!