Surgery Day

I have been dreading August 18th since we put Virginia's surgery on the calendar last April. I've actually been dreading the entire summer as it would move us closer and closer to surgery.

But it looks like the time is here, and we are ready. Well, actually I don't think you are ever "ready" to see your child in the state Virginia will be in after surgery, but we are as ready as we possibly could be and I know we will be given all the tools we need in those darks moments tomorrow.

Virginia has been in increasing pain over the course of the summer and it has even become harder for her to keep all her food down because her spine is encroaching on her stomach. All of this is confirmation that we have made the right decision. I have a peace about her surgery tomorrow. That doesn't mean I don't feel like I'm going to be sick, but I do have a peace about it.

I also have hope that she is going to feel better in a few months and that what has been a hard season for us may be ending soon.

Please pray for Virginia's safety tomorrow and for the steady hands of her two surgeons. Pray for her pain to be manageable and that she will not know any fear. Pray for no infections. Pray that she comes off the ventilator easily. Pray we don't have to stay at the hospital long. Pray for Wills and Eliza who are scared and about to be passed around for a few days. And pray that all our old anger knows no place tomorrow.

We have to be there at 5:30, so it is way past my bedtime.

Thanks, as always, for caring about our family.